Rule of Thirds [PNR​-​029]

by Panoramic

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These three songs, and an instrumental, are a slice of homegrown Orange County pop punk played on acoustic guitar, piano, melodica and drums. Their contemporary ruminations on suburban life (aka: songs) are evidence that yer friends really are the ones who write the best songs. Not some production team or popular artist with a megalithic team of engineers, publicists and assistants. This power trio sings the bummers and growing pains of life over punk rock beats with just a hint of twinkle. The melodica and bluesy piano riffs bring the funk and buoy the melancholy at the heart of these songs.

Dubbed in-house on forest green cassettes with handstamped labels! The whole EP is on each side of the tape which is housed in a malleable poly cassette case (cause those plastic ones always break!) with a J-card printed on 80lb. glossy cardstock. Limited edition of 50 assembled in house by diy4lyfe records!


released January 22, 2015



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Pacific Nature Records California

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Track Name: Ian
And I should've seen things coming so much faster than they did
I want to close my eyes, pretend that I am sleeping
And I feel every second that goes by
And I'm holding, on to all my things
And I am holding, what I want to say.

'Cause if I move, I lose my place in line
And if I think, then I will lose my mind.

Everything that I'll ever see
Will come a day that it will leave and it is probably for the best
That I don't feel a thing
That I won't argue.

And I want to stall it's easier than to try and speed and
Lose control, 'cause I was busy
I can't don't you wait
And I'm farther than the miles seem
And I am farther, than I'll ever be.
Track Name: Coffee Stains
Pour my secrets into your empty cup I have spilled, honesty
Lonely ever after you, don't ever have to be
Long I'll have to wait, before I change my mind over again
Pass me something I can feel and just let me float away.

If they're, still together in a week I would be surprised
I'm sick, of seeing you every time that I go online
I am the world and you are a gun
Exist in me and spread violence
Every door that I close, opens.

All for one I have always been too calm when I should scream
Everyone acts different when they aren't around their friends
Cause you were so different a week or two ago
Alone we were talking about ourselves
Exchanging our lives in full detail, yours so better
And I'll forget the letters that I will never send
Passive aggressive keep it in there is a reason that I should give
But god I'll studder
Track Name: Spare Change
Spare change on my floor, I haven't spent until another chance comes up
And you have all my time except for the nights I just want to sit and
Hang my body from the frame and my habit to overthink
Never helped my charm
The timing to move out and on aging is just around the corner of my own avenue.

Please forget I'm complicating everything else
It doesn't have to hurt sorry, sorry
From the time that i started watching my steps I fell
Self cautious when I try to talk it's obvious I'm obvious again.

Any other time, I wouldn't care
But something seems to start my own reflections
And I am dumb to simplify
The lines word by word until I've wasted
Another day inside thinking about her doesn't solve anything, anything
And I feel no pressure to succeed despite
All the expectations that I haven't set on me.